5 Reasons you should upgrade to wifi lighting

WiFi lighting is a technology that allows users to control their lights by the use of their personalized smartphones. Smart bulbs can be controlled by an application installed on the smartphone. This enables you to turn the light off or on, dim the light and change the color of the different bulbs in your rooms according to your preference. The smart bulb are more flexible and energy saving than the other ordinary bulbs.WiFi Lighting

The WiFi lighting system is associated with the following advantages:

  • It is easy and convenient to use.

It is no longer required to turn on and off dozens of individual bulbs by the use of the different switches that may be installed on different places. You are only required to have your phone working and an application installed to help you do this.

  • The ability to change the brightness and color of your lighting.

With the WiFi lighting, you can easily change the brightness of your room to fit your taste. Some of us who are not comfortable with very bright lights will find this healthy to them. You can also change the color of the different rooms to suite a particular event. This is impossible with the ordinary bulbs, right?

  • WiFi controlled bulbs use less energy and last longer than the ordinary bulbs.

Smart bulbs save energy. They are environmental friendly and lead to lower monthly bills.

  • WiFi lighting systems are easily portable unlike the ordinary bulbs.

With the smartphone installed with an application to help you control the bulbs, you can easily control the smart bulbs even in your absence. Imagine having forgotten to switch off your bulb and you receive that call from your neighbor informing you how you left your lights on. With a press of a button, the lights will go off and hence less worry about the monthly bill.

  • The system has new features and functions

The system has definitely additional features to enjoy. They include; wake up lighting, remote access and lights that automatically turn on when you come home.

You can use the WiFi lighting systems in your hotel. This will enable you to change the color and brightness of the different rooms to suite your clients. Some customers rate hotels according to how one is different with the others. Make sure you surprise them with dim lights in the rooms where they will be sleeping and will never forget the experience.

Different companies that are used to manufacturing the traditional style bulbs have changed their tactics. To win their customers, they have come with many different colors that suite their clients.

Some of the WiFi lighting products are:

  1. Philips hue Tap Remote Switch. They are compatible with Phillips hue lighting system. It allows you to configure up to four lighting scenes.
  2. LIFX – These bulbs are of high quality and have great functionality.
  3. Belkin WeMo – This is a generalised smart switch.

The future of lighting lies with the WiFi lights. As per now, no light bulb is equivalent to these types of smart bulbs. They are power saving, have longer lifespan, incredible features as well as a squeezed Lumen to watt ratio.

Posted By: kiran on 15 December 2015

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