What You Will Learn

  • Getting to know WordPress

Wonder what all this WordPress stuff is about? WordPress is a cool tool to learn, and was designed in easy way so that everyone can learn it.

  • What is WordPress
  • Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  • Getting started with WordPress

This will help provide you with quick information like number of pages and posts on your blog, the most recent comments, the latest news at WordPress.org, etc.

  • Installing WordPress
  • Accessing WordPress website
  • WordPress dashboard
  • WordPress toolbar
  • Setting language of WordPress installation
  • Creating Posts

To know the exact difference between Posts and Pages. This will also include styling of content, adding images and videos.

  • Difference between post and page
  • Creating a new post
  • Categories vs. tags
  • Advanced text formatting
  • Creating and managing links
  • Adding images and videos
  • Adding an image gallery
  • Using featured image
  • Adding images from external sources
  • Adding media through embed
  • Comparing and storing old versions with revisions
  • Creating pages

Let’s create the static content that lives permanently on your site through pages.

  • Creating a basic page
  • Using page templates
  • Organizing page hierarchy
  • Manage content

Managing the content is equally important to creating the content. Learn to delete what you don’t like.

  • Navigating the dashboard index pages
  • Using quick edit
  • Using quick edit
  • Understanding how WordPress handles media content
  • Changing appearance of your site

Do you know how to make your website distinguish from all? Step-by-step demos will show you how to select a suitable theme to build an appealing site.

  • Selecting and changing themes
  • Using the theme customizer
  • Using a custom header image
  • Creating custom menus
  • Using widgets
  • Changing front page from blog view to static page
  • Installing themes from WordPress theme directory
  • Installing custom themes
  • Making sure WordPress site is mobile friendly
  • Extending WordPress with plugin

Let’s learn something out of the box. Small pieces of software called plugins can increase the functionality of your website.

  • Installing plugins
  • Creating contact page
  • Adding social media sharing button with addthis
  • Learn more about plugins
  • Profile user settings

You don’t want all to see your website settings yet you want them to write contribute or maintain your website. This is possible with user roles and settings.

  • Editing your user profile
  • Creating a gravatar profile
  • Adding and managing users
  • Understanding user levels
  • Configural settings
  • Getting readers

Let people comment on your posts and make it popular. It’s easy to filter the comments according to your need.

  • Creating user-friendly permalinks
  • Comment settings
  • Managing comment
  • WordPress behind the curtain

This will make you understand the inner working of different components of WordPress

  • Understanding how WordPress works
  • Backend management of themes
  • Diving Further Into The World Of WordPress

Catering the needs where you’re either need to export content out of your existing WordPress site and place it into a new WordPress site or you need to import content from an existing WordPress, WordPress.com or other blogging engine site and put it into your new WordPress site

  • Exporting and importing content from other sites
  • Host your website on your domain


Capsule Fee – 4,000/-Duration – Days

Who Can Learn Our Courses?

Who Can Learn Our Courses?

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