Hi-Tech Summer Camps in Delhi for Teenagers

Location: Pitampura, Rohini
Aren’t you guys fed up of the old monotony of guitar, music, art and craft courses during the summer vacations.
Lets develop some futuristic hobbies this summer. Optimus labs presents the most advanced Technology related summer camps in Delhi. Our Hi tech hobby courses include: Robotics, Android App development, Website development, Digital marketing, Drone building and other DIY hobby classes in Delhi.

1  Robotics with Arduino (Classes 8th and above)

Robotics summer camp

  • Deep understanding of electronics.
  • Ability to design and implement complex intelligent electronic systems
  • Ability to design and implement mechanical structures according to requirement
  • Knowledge to Interface sensors and switches to their system
  • Deep understanding of integrated circuits
  • Ability to integrate ICs to their system
  • Knowledge to control motors
  • Knowledge to control their system via Bluetooth, RF and DTMF
  • Knowledge to integrate text LCDs
  • Control high electrical appliances with their electronic systems.

2 Android App Development (Classes 6th and above)

App development course for teenagers

  • Understanding the elements of an Android app, such as controls, sensors, effectors, and storage
  • Exploring different Android App Development Tools
  • How to use various Layouts and Widgets in Android Applications.
  • including audio, video and much more.
  • Testing apps on Android emulators and devices
  • Sharing apps

3  Summer Camps in Delhi for Website Development (Classes 6th and above)

Summer camp for wordpress

  • You will be able to make your own websites with custom designs.
  • Host your website on your own domain and hosting
  • Learn how to find good design themes for your website
  • Add pics to your website and update them on daily basis
  • Add videos & audios on your website
  • Setup contact forms and receive queries on your email.
  • Create dynamic pages and change them whenever you want
  • Integrate Facebook and Twitter with your website
  • Set up sliders and other design features.
  • Identify between different types of websites blog, corporate website, magazines, portals etc.

hobby classes in pitampura

  • Select keywords to create valuable content
  • Create advanced contact forms to gather visitor information
  • Integration of social media buttons to share content on websites like Twitter, Facebook and many more.
  • Make your website rank in top websites on Google, Yahoo etc
  • Analyze visitor behavior and what they like on your website.
  • How to set up simple email marketing campaigns and target your visitors with the message or information you want to give.
  • Maintaining the security of website
  • Backup your website

5 Summer Camps in Delhi for Programming in PHP (Classes 8th and above)

summer camp for teenagers

  • Tools required for PHP
  • Solid understanding of PHP syntax
  • Flow control of all the loops
  • How to Set up a PHP Array
  • How to make reusable code using functions
  • Troubleshooting with different ways
  • Store, fetch and display data using MYSQL queries
  • Summer Camps in Delhi

6 LEGO Robotics (Classes 6th and above)

lego robotics

  • Problem solving abilities
  • Analytical skills and Brain-storming
  • Computational and Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration and Perseverance
  • Power to Innovate and Create
  • Common Core Standards
  • Self-direction and Independence
  • Intuition, Reasoning, Imagination

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Why should school students join summer camps in Delhi during their vacations ?

In this age of competition we need to polish our kids from every perspective .The student not only need to study their academics they also have to focus equally on extracurricular activities .these extra activities help in a 360 degree development of the child’s  personality. In fact the parent’s are concerned about the child’s personality more than ever before. They have started understanding the requirement of such growth in today’s times .Due to this growing awareness the concept of summer camps in Delhi is fast picking pace. In Delhi alone there are more than 600 summer camps rest of his training period . These camps offer a variety of summer courses for kids .Some of the traditional courses are as follows: Summer camps in Delhi for Music, Summer camps in Delhi for Art & Craft, Summer camps in Delhi for Dance, Summer camp in Delhi for Calligraphy

Optimus Labs presents this new concept of a technology school for teenagers . Optimus Labs not only helps student become producers of technology but also develops the problem solving and analytical capabilities of the child.