What You Will Learn during your MATLAB Training in Delhi

Introductory sessions of MATLAB training course

  • Why MATLAB
  • What Are Toolboxes
  • MATLAB Interface
  • Introduction to Arrays And Matrices
  • MATLAB File Types
  • Basics of MATLAB Programming


Handling Data and Data Flow in MATLAB

  • Data types
  • Creating Variables
  • Scalars, Vectors and Matrix Operations & Operators
  • Importing & Exporting Of Data
  • File Input-Output


File Editing and Debugging in MATLAB

  • Writing Script Files
  • Writing Function Files
  • Inserting Breakpoints and Debugging
  • Error Correction


MATLAB Graphics I

  • Simple Graphics & Types
  • Plotting Functions
  • Creating And Editing Plots (2D & 3D)
  • Handling Graphics


MATLAB Programming I

  • Conditional Statements
  • Iterative Statements
  • Flow Control
  • Efficient Coding Practices
  • Linear Algebra
  • Polynomials
  • Curve Fitting
  • Differentiation & Integration


MATLAB Graphics II

  • Introduction To Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)
  • GUI Tools
  • Creating Functioning GUIs


MATLAB Programming II

  • Probability & Statistics
  • Cells & Structures
  • Performance Measures
  • Introduction to Symbolic Math
  • Symbolic Operations


Introduction To MATLAB Toolboxes

  • Data Acquisition Toolbox in MATLAB
  • Signal Processing Toolbox in MATLAB
  • Image Acquisition Toolbox in MATLAB
  • Image Processing Toolbox in MATLAB


Data Acquisition & Signal Processing Toolbox of MATLAB

  • Basics of Signal Processing
  • Representing & Analyzing Signals
  • Analog Input Acquisition
  • Transforms Computation
  • Analog & Digital Filter Designing


Image Acquisition & Image Processing Toolbox

  • Introduction to Image Processing
  • Images in MATLAB
  • Image Data Acquisition
  • Reading and Writing Images
  • Converting Between Image Types and Classes
  • Simple Image Arithmetic
  • Image Transformations
  • Spatial Referencing
  • Image Enhancement
  • Morphological Processing
  • Using Image Tool


Introduction To SIMULINK

  • What Is SIMULINK
  • Importance
  • SIMULINK Interface
  • Libraries & Tools
  • Sources & Sinks
  • Building Systems
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Converting Mathematical Model into SIMULINK Model
  • Creating Systems & Subsystems
  • Solver Configuration


Our institute for MATLAB Training offers two type of courses:

  • 4 week MATLAB Training in Delhi
  • 6 week MATLAB Training in Delhi


Capsule Fee – 10,000/-Duration – Days

Why should students pursue a MATLAB course in Delhi ?

What is MATLAB?

Matrix Laboratories popularly known as MATLAB is a fourth generation high level programming language. It is a registered product of a company called MathWorks. It allows engineers to perform various type of computational processes such as matrix manipulations, plotting of mathematical functions, algorithm implementation and interfacing of user defined programs to the programs written in different computer languages such as JAVA, C, Python etc.

Key Features

  • MATLAB is a high level programming language that helps us with simulations, mathematical computing and development of applications.
  • MATLAB has a user friendly environment which supports cyclic explorations and enhances the problem solving techniques.
  • MATLAB allows us to implement complex mathematical functions that are related to signal processing and linear algebra.
  • MATLAB has built in tools to realize custom plots for different types of data.
  • MATLAB supports multiple tool boxes that reduce the complexity of work.

Industrial Applications of MATLAB®

Such enormous features and capabilities of this software has made its way to be incorporated in industries too. Some of the most common industries which use this software are discussed.

  1. Electrical Engineering: It is used extensively in electrical engineering for signal-processing applications.
  2. Biomedical Engineering: The Image Processing Toolbox also includes a wide range of functions, many of them especially appropriate for medical imaging.
  3. Fluid Dynamics: Calculations involving fluid velocities are important in various fields such as aerospace engineering. Visualizing the three-dimensional behavior of fluids is tricky, but MATLAB® offers a number of tools that make it easier.

Use of MATLAB® is not limited to these industries but is much wide spread. It is used for various applications like signal processing, image processing, mathematical modeling, automation and control, statistical analysis of raw data, optimization, mathematical computations like ODE solving, aerospace engineering, and so on.


MATLAB® Training Opportunities

In recent years, the number of users of MATLAB® in India has increased exponentially. Now, MATLAB® is used in almost all institutions associated with scientific and mathematical learning and research. Keeping in view its extensive features, applications and ease of use, it has also been integrated into various courses.

Nowadays, a heightened craze for learning and utilizing this software is seen among science and engineering students. Due to this, MATLAB® training institutes which provide certification at various levels have been set up all across India. Even though, all these institute claim to provide excellent MATLAB® training, a very few of these institutes provide quality training. In Delhi region, the situation is even worse. There are limited Institutes which provide MATLAB® training and that too are limited to NCR region. Students residing in Delhi region have to commute large distances and even then, they are not able to get quality training due to immense commercialization. Thus, there existed a need for MATLAB® training institute in North Delhi which would provide quality training to students and value for money. With this vision, MATLAB® training is started in Optimus Labs, one of the best training institutes in North Delhi.

Who Can Learn Our Courses?