Guide For Summer Training in Delhi For CSE

CSE students often get confused about what are the most suitable  options for summer training in Delhi for CSE students.

” Should I learn JAVA ? or should I stick with the basics C, C++ ?

Should I go for Android App Development ? or should it be PHP ? “

All these questions boggle a CSE student and he/she often ends up taking an incorrect decision. All the queries related to the right summer training in Delhi for CSE students will be addressed here.

The most popular training options among CSE students are:

  1. JAVA
  2. Android App Development
  3. .Net
  4. Cloud Computing

The correct way to select the best suited course is to first evaluate your knowledge and then see that do you still need to clear your basics or are you ready to pursue advanced level courses.

Summer Training programs for CSE students that will help you strengthen your basics

  • PHP and MySQL Training : Almost 95% of the engineering students complain about their weak programming skills. PHP and MySQL have the power to develop your core skills and prepare you for advanced levels. PHP will strengthen your programming skills while My SQL shall help you understand databases in a better way. PHP is widely used for developing websites and online applications.php-training

WARNING: B Tech students have been underestimating the power of PHP for a very long time now. The myth among them is that the language is only meant for BCA students. This misconception needs to be erased from the minds of these students and they need to understand the fact that PHP is the one language which will develop their programming basics like never before. PHP teaches you how to use internet from a PRO’s perspective.

  • C and C++ Training : This is the most basic programming language and has been around for the past 4 decades.  c trainingLearning these will surely help you understand programming but C has become obsolete over the years and may prove to be boring to learn. The variety of summer training projects that a student can undertake is limited due to this the overall programming skill of the student might remain weak as this language is unable to generate sufficient interest and motivation for the student.

Intermediate level summer training in Delhi for CSE students

  • JAVA Training : This is one of the favorite programming language of IT industry. The Language is based on the concept of OOPS and exhaustively utilizes classes and data encapsulation to write programs. JAVA is a complex language and hence, not suitable to clear your programming training

WARNING: The students who have a fear of programming should never take up JAVA as their   first time programming language. If tried they might end up wasting their time and money.A CSE student would need to take up this summer training course at some point in his/her career but preferably only after mastering PHP or C, C++

  • ASP.Net Training : It is another programming language that is widely used for commercial software development. This is also an intermediate level course and it is advisable that it should not be taken up before clearing out the basics.dotNet training

You may choose between JAVA or .Net but as far as our advise is concerned JAVA is always a better option for students in terms of learning prospects as one can easily extend the knowledge of JAVA to app development.

Expert advice to CSE students looking for summer training

Being a B Tech CSE student they have to realize that you cannot give any justifications for your poor programming skills. Saying ” Mujhe programming nahi aati ” is a lame excuse and can prove to be fatal for your career. It will take 6 months of dedicated work and you will become a programming superstar.

Blaming the trainers and teachers for your under developed skills is not going to build your career. The effort you put in your studies is what matters and is what will build your pathway to success.

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