What You Will Learn during the Embedded Linux Training in Delhi

  • Introduction to Raspberry pi hardware
  • Raspberry Pi operating system choices
  • Writing embedded Linux image to Raspberry Pi
  • Basic configuration of embedded Linux
  • Network setup on Raspberry Pi
  • Mounting drives on Raspberry Pi
  • Accessing raspberry Pi via SSH
  • Introduction to Embedded Linux commands
  • Installation of packages
  • Brief overview of Python language and its structures such a loops, conditional statements, arrays, functions etc
  • Controlling Raspberry Pi GPIOs
  • Interfacing motors and relays
  • Digital and analog sensors
  • Various types of sensors available in the market
  • Interfacing sensors with Raspberry Pi
  • Logic level conversion to 3.3v
  • Using date and time from the network clock
  • Tweets on twitter when a sensor is activated
  • Sending emails through your Gmail account
  • Logging data on to google docs
  • Making calls using internet
  • Using third party IoT platforms


Raspberry Pi Course Fee and Duration


Capsule Fee – 9,000/- (Without Kit)Duration –  One Month
Capsule Fee – 11,000/- (With Kit)Duration –  One Month

Why is Optimus Labs the best option for raspberry Pi training in Delhi ?

There are many institutions offering raspberry pi training in Delhi. This is good news however it is difficult to get an institution offering high quality Raspberry Pi course . The only exception being Optimus Labs; a training institute which is driven by its passion for technology and innovation.Raspberry Pi Training in Delhi

Optimus Labs truly understands what it takes prospective students to adequately gather knowledge about Raspberry pi. The trainers at Optimus Labs are highly trained, qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to deliver their best to students.

Besides the theory classes, students get to interact with the Raspberry pi device one on one and explore the device capabilities they would like to.

After completing Raspberry Pi training in Delhi at Optimus Labs students are guaranteed to have acquired the relevant skills which will give a competitive edge when it comes to the working environment.