A Golden Career in Embedded Systems

An embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function. It is a system which is used for a limited scope & specific purpose. In the real time operating system embedded system plays a vital role. The application and usage of embedded system is increasing in the industry. embedded system training provides you a platform to be one of the top engineers in the country.In short  embedded system is the brain of any system which performs any logical function.The embedded system consists of three major components. hardware,software & real time operating systems.


We at optimus technology labs provide you with embedded system training in all the three components.The hardware systems include PCB designing, circuit designing,serial communication,application specific circuits etc.The software part helps you to integrate memory & other penipherats with the microcontrollers .

Being low on power consumption & high on efficiency micro controllers works best in todays industry.When we look around ourselves we find many devics which work on electronic systems or we can say embedded systems.


The mp3 player, the digital watches,the air conditioners, our cars,washing machines ,refrigernators, traffic lights all works with the concept of embedded systems.


Embedded system training can provide you a platform to make and play all the above mentioned things. As we know that everyday there is advancement in technology, with the increasing innovation in the field of science and technology Embedded system is playing an important role.Training in embedded systems & learning embedded system can provide you with opportunity to be a part of the leading innovation.

In the future we can see that everything will be dependent over internet and all the devices will become smart. so embedded system will play an important role in future.

How is embedded c different from normal c , embedded c helps in programming over real time systems. It is an advancement of assembly language but is a very easy, scalable and a portable source which can help us work over real time devices.

c is used for desktop computers whereas embeded c is used for micro controllers based applications, with the embedded system training you can develop new systems for your house,work,college or school.

Embedded system training exposes you to a new world of opportunities.you can make a lot of money by designing new systems.you can learn simple logics & make advance projects for various companies,your college etc. It is important for you to learn embedded system because this is the future tool for the present generation.

Students have good career opportunity with embedded systems. All the top it firms have understood the importance of embedded systems therefore have introduced on Research & Development center  for embedded systems.

Embedded system provides a market for industries like telecom,automobile and many other small & large scale industries.

According to UASSCOM,the embedded industry would hire around 7,00,000 people for embedded systems by 2015, but the industry  is facing shortage of talent.we here at optimus  labs provide students with the opportunity to develop there skills as an embedded system professionals.

According to the MAKE IN INDIA  plan introduced by the Honourable Prime Minister SHRI  NARENDER MODI there is a 94.2 billion USD investment projected by 2015.

With the introduction of 100% FDI in design & manufacturing in electronics in india it is a bright opportunity for these students.

Posted By: kiran on 11 May 2015

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