Smart Washroom using Embedded Systems

We ,group of eight members are designing a smart washroom during our embedded systems training in Delhi.i.e. energy efficient washroom such that when a person enters the washroom ,light turns ON automatically and OFF when the person exits and also the exhaust and fragrance turns ON for two minutes. All this we will do with the help of PIR sensor.

Often it happens you forget to turn off the geyser ,so here we will make a timer using RTC and LCD for display for geyser such that all you have to do is set the ON and OFF time and geyser will do the task automatically.

This project we are estimating to complete in 7-8 days.

DAY 1:
Today four of our members worked on LCD display and the other 4 on RTC ds 1302.

We started our project with the LCD display for our geyser. We did coding to enter the ON/OFF time using push button and display it on LCD.

FLOWCHART for LCD display:


Here we are using RTC ds 1302 for maintaining the time and running the alarm function to ON/OFF geyser.We did coding with RTC ds 1302 with the output on serial monitor. But in RTC ds 1302 set time command was not properly compatible with the time library.So we decided to work with RTC ds 1307 .


DAY 2 :
Since we were not able to run the set time command properly ,so we decided to use RTC ds 1307 instead of RTC ds 1302. We did complete coding for RTC ds 1307 both for the alarm and maintaining the time .

There is a drawback with the LCD coding we made yesterday that the minimum time for which our geyser will be ON is 1 hour . Therefore we made our LCD code better by adding a function for minutes in addition to hours.


Here is a video demonstrating LCD functionality in our project:

DAY 3:
Firstly,we set the range and time of PIR sensor to its maximum and minimum values respectively.We did programming for PIR sensor such that when a person enters the washroom,CFL gets ON and a timer is activated for 2 minutes during which it checks for the another motion.when detected another motion within 2 minutes then it reactivates the timer.Similarly, when a person leaves the washroom i.e. when no motion is detected ,CFL gets OFF and exhaust fan gets ON for 2 minutes .

Then we decided to test the coding for PIR sensor by using relay modules ,a bulb and a power supply with the program uploaded in the arduino .Here to test, we have used a bulb in replacement for CFL and LED on another relay module was used as an indication for the ON/OFF of the exhaust fan.The code was working well as was our aim for the setup.


DAY 4:
Today, we have installed the PIR sensor along with the arduino ,12V adaptor ,power supply and relay driver circuits soldered on PCB.All were assembled in a plastic box.We were aiming towards testing and implementing of PIR sensor in a washroom and observing it for one day .According to the length we decided to fix 2 PIR sensors facing towards each other through telephone wires . We observed that PIR sensor worked properly .


DAY 5:
Finally , we have merged the coding for RTC ds 1307 and PIR sensor.Then we decided to install to our smart washroom system in our campus washroom using gang box and telephone wires .Firstly we have organized the components in the gang box for this we have made a power supply and 3 relay driver circuit .All the four circuit were soldered on a small PCB that would fit in our gang box using glue gun.Then we took a common AC terminal from which power supply will be driven.



DAY 6:

Finally,the day arrived when we installed our smart washroom system .We connected two PLA relays through switch board which were arranged in the gang box . We took a common AC terminal inside the gang box to prevent the user from any shock .After all connections were made ,we then fixed the gang box on the switch box and then we tested the system. We then noticed that we were having a problem with the PLA relay that it was not getting sufficient voltage i.e. 12V because the tranformer we used was of 9-0-9V.Then to rectify this problem,only solution was to change the transformer to 12-0-12V.

We are extremely thankful to Meherban sir for the unconditional support and guidance .

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A Golden Career in Embedded Systems

An embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function. It is a system which is used for a limited scope & specific purpose. In the real time operating system embedded system plays a vital role. The application and usage of embedded system is increasing in the industry. embedded system training provides you a platform to be one of the top engineers in the country.In short  embedded system is the brain of any system which performs any logical function.The embedded system consists of three major components. hardware,software & real time operating systems.


We at optimus technology labs provide you with embedded system training in all the three components.The hardware systems include PCB designing, circuit designing,serial communication,application specific circuits etc.The software part helps you to integrate memory & other penipherats with the microcontrollers .

Being low on power consumption & high on efficiency micro controllers works best in todays industry.When we look around ourselves we find many devics which work on electronic systems or we can say embedded systems.


The mp3 player, the digital watches,the air conditioners, our cars,washing machines ,refrigernators, traffic lights all works with the concept of embedded systems.


Embedded system training can provide you a platform to make and play all the above mentioned things. As we know that everyday there is advancement in technology, with the increasing innovation in the field of science and technology Embedded system is playing an important role.Training in embedded systems & learning embedded system can provide you with opportunity to be a part of the leading innovation.

In the future we can see that everything will be dependent over internet and all the devices will become smart. so embedded system will play an important role in future.

How is embedded c different from normal c , embedded c helps in programming over real time systems. It is an advancement of assembly language but is a very easy, scalable and a portable source which can help us work over real time devices.

c is used for desktop computers whereas embeded c is used for micro controllers based applications, with the embedded system training you can develop new systems for your house,work,college or school.

Embedded system training exposes you to a new world of can make a lot of money by designing new can learn simple logics & make advance projects for various companies,your college etc. It is important for you to learn embedded system because this is the future tool for the present generation.

Students have good career opportunity with embedded systems. All the top it firms have understood the importance of embedded systems therefore have introduced on Research & Development center  for embedded systems.

Embedded system provides a market for industries like telecom,automobile and many other small & large scale industries.

According to UASSCOM,the embedded industry would hire around 7,00,000 people for embedded systems by 2015, but the industry  is facing shortage of talent.we here at optimus  labs provide students with the opportunity to develop there skills as an embedded system professionals.

According to the MAKE IN INDIA  plan introduced by the Honourable Prime Minister SHRI  NARENDER MODI there is a 94.2 billion USD investment projected by 2015.

With the introduction of 100% FDI in design & manufacturing in electronics in india it is a bright opportunity for these students.

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Training options available for summer training in Delhi for ECE students

In order to break the monotony of theoretical learning the Indian universities have included a six weeks summer training in Delhi for ECE students. Engineering students get an opportunity to learn the practical aspects of the bookish concepts. Generally electronics engineers get confused between the various summer training options available to them.

The first major decision is to decide whether to join an institute or a MNC for their summer training in Delhi. Here’s one instance that might help you to make the right choice.

Why shouldn’t B.Tech students join MNCs for their summer training ?
I often see electronics students join MNCs for their 6 weeks summer training in the hope of gaining some great industrial experience.  Karan is one of the electronics students, who had similar thoughts. He asked one of his uncles to help him in reserving a seat for him in his MNC. He joined his summer internship on 1st June 2013. On the first day everything was perfect and went as he had expected . He was allotted a mentor, who familiarized him to the company and the work. The second day was even better and Karan thought his decision to be wise about not joining an institute like some of his friends. At the end of the third day he was called upon by his summer training mentor. He was told that he need not attend the office for the rest of the summer training period. He was a bit surprised by this statement but was happy within that now he gets to enjoy the rest of his training period. He went to the office on 15th July, the last day of his summer training and collected his certificate.
Finally the colleges reopened and he met his friends who had done this training from an institute.
His friends showed him all type of embedded system projects and told him about the new things they learnt at the institute and that now they are much more confident about their knowledge. Karan also shared his experience about the leisure time he had during the so called “summer training” but deep within Karan realized that he had wasted a very crucial period of his engineering.

Many a times students ask me about different course options for electronics summer training. Specially when it comes to summer training in Delhi for ECE students, these students are unable to reach to a final decision and end up taking the wrong direction. Their are numerous good options available for summer training in Delhi for ECE. Some of them are listed below:


Embedded systems are intelligent electronic devices that are designed to perform a specific task. An embedded system generally uses a microcontroller at its heart. This microcontroller controls all the peripherals and sub models attached to the system. Mobile phones ,set top box,washing machines etc all being the examples of embedded systems. Optimus Lab offers the following summer training courses in Embedded:

Here’s a video on what is an Embedded System:


MATLAB is primarily a tool used for signal processing. Images,audio,videos,network signals are actually different type of signals.MATLAB these days are used in variety of fields such as simulation image processing, design of control systems, network simulation etc. Summer training in MATLAB is a good option for ECE students. A combination of MATLAB  and embedded system has a wide application in the industry.
Optimus labs offer two MATLAB courses :

You may watch the following video to get a detailed description about MATLAB

Best Quality Summer Training Guaranteed at Optimus Labs.


Read Our Article on Options for summer training in Delhi for CSE

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Why to pursue an Embedded System Course in Delhi

Today the man is incomplete without his electronic friends. Whether it be communication, industry or education electronic gadgets play a crucial role in every aspect. All electronic gadgets such as TV, Mobile phones, iPad, Printers, security systems etc fall under the category of embedded systems.

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Posted By: kiran on 12 March 2015