5 Reasons you should upgrade to wifi lighting

WiFi lighting is a technology that allows users to control their lights by the use of their personalized smartphones. Smart bulbs can be controlled by an application installed on the smartphone. This enables you to turn the light off or on, dim the light and change the color of the different bulbs in your rooms according to your preference. The smart bulb are more flexible and energy saving than the other ordinary bulbs.

The WiFi lighting system is associated with the following advantages:

  • It is easy and convenient to use.

It is no longer required to turn on and off dozens of individual bulbs by the use of the different switches that may be installed on different places. You are only required to have your phone working and an application installed to help you do this.

  • The ability to change the brightness and color of your lighting.

With the WiFi lighting, you can easily change the brightness of your room to fit your taste. Some of us who are not comfortable with very bright lights will find this healthy to them. You can also change the color of the different rooms to suite a particular event. This is impossible with the ordinary bulbs, right?

  • WiFi controlled bulbs use less energy and last longer than the ordinary bulbs.

Smart bulbs save energy. They are environmental friendly and lead to lower monthly bills.

  • WiFi lighting systems are easily portable unlike the ordinary bulbs.

With the smartphone installed with an application to help you control the bulbs, you can easily control the smart bulbs even in your absence. Imagine having forgotten to switch off your bulb and you receive that call from your neighbor informing you how you left your lights on. With a press of a button, the lights will go off and hence less worry about the monthly bill.

  • The system has new features and functions

The system has definitely additional features to enjoy. They include; wake up lighting, remote access and lights that automatically turn on when you come home.

You can use the WiFi lighting systems in your hotel. This will enable you to change the color and brightness of the different rooms to suite your clients. Some customers rate hotels according to how one is different with the others. Make sure you surprise them with dim lights in the rooms where they will be sleeping and will never forget the experience.

Different companies that are used to manufacturing the traditional style bulbs have changed their tactics. To win their customers, they have come with many different colors that suite their clients.

Some of the WiFi lighting products are:

  1. Philips hue Tap Remote Switch. They are compatible with Phillips hue lighting system. It allows you to configure up to four lighting scenes.
  2. LIFX – These bulbs are of high quality and have great functionality.
  3. Belkin WeMo – This is a generalised smart switch.

The future of lighting lies with the WiFi lights. As per now, no light bulb is equivalent to these types of smart bulbs. They are power saving, have longer lifespan, incredible features as well as a squeezed Lumen to watt ratio.

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Posted By: kiran on 15 December 2015

Internet of Things (IoT) The Next Upgrade in society ?

Long gone are the days that watching the sun was necessary to tell time, and getting in touch with a friend was through the mail. With the digital world coming in place, doing some things which were considered difficult has never been easier. However even with this IoT (Internet of Things) is making the situation even better. But what is IoT?

What is Internet of Things ?

IoT refers to the growing internet network of objects that have an IP address, enabling communication between the two things. In simple terms it’s the idea that connects smart objects by means of communication, bringing about valuable data enabling better services.

How does Internet of Things  help improve efficiency ?

With the use of IoT spreading all over the world, it has been proven that it does indeed improve efficiency. By ensuring that every possible risk and benefit is run and calculated, risks can be avoided or minimized significantly. On the other hand benefits can be mustered up, giving rise to more profits.

How is IoT beneficial for general public ?

Benefits of using IoT (Internet of Things) can also be seen easily in both individuals, businesses and even governments. By providing real time analytics in equipment and supply and demand levels, a business can strive on working to be more efficient. Another area IoT has provided immense efficiency is in the healthcare system. By electronic record keeping which can be transferred from hospital to hospital, diagnosis and treatment is fast as there’s easy access to patients history. In terms of security governments and individual security companies have benefited the most. By using facial recognition, biometric fingerprints and even remote sensors crimes have been reduced at an all-time low, as perpetrators are detected and arrested early. On the other hand tracking of volatile areas from a distance can be done from a central point. This way eliminating the need for field inspections which not only consume time and money, but also reducing exposure to danger significantly. On a personal level the benefits gotten from using IoT (Internet of Things) is mainly for security. With smartphones as the key, one can easily lock and unlock doors without necessarily being present. Tracking the use of everyday items such as energy consumption in the home can also be done easily. In this regard by focusing on the households consumption patterns, knowing of where to reduce wastage can be done.

Some popular IoT devices ?

With the popularity of IoT (Internet of Things) increasing and its dependency clearly seen in many areas, there are some devices that have been widely used. Although not new, one of the oldest IoT devices used worldwide are ATMs that came online as easy as 1974. On the other hand some of the newer items are smart buildings, which unlike surveillance work to ensure building is not only safe but comfortable for all its residents. On a more personal level internet of things has helped significantly in homes. When it comes to quality sleep, Luna Sleep is achieved as mattresses uses technology to learn and accommodates ones sleeping patterns. Still Chai Energy is achieved in homes as data collected shows where improvements can be made and wastage lowered. Healthy lifestyles with FitBit is achieved as calories, activeness is also monitored. Electric record keeping has also been embraced in all industries from finance, healthcare and education system, providing the much needed link that was lacking before.

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5 IoT Startups In India


This is a young Indian company that is growing very quickly and has quit many great dreams. Dreams in which every day commute will become easy and much more predictable in smarter cars. carlQ as accompany, makes smart cars even smarter. They connect the cars with sensors and chips, these sensors and chips are meant to help car owners become aware of their car conditions. Through CarlQ, car owners can remotely monitor and manage their vehicles by having a cars condition. The car owners can be alerted if there are any critical actions that require argent attentions and whether they should check on their driving. In brief, CarlQ is service providers that connect vehicles to the right service that it requires. With CarlQ, your vehicle can send you alerts, and also inform the owner of any potential problems. The car owners are helped in saving money on maintenance, insurance and also save money on repairs.


This is a device that is designed mainly for entertainment purposes. Its set up is pretty simple and easy to use. The dongle is first connected to the TVs’ HDMI port then follows instructions on the screen on how to set up the Teewee’ Wi-Fi. To accomplish this, the user first connects his device to the teewees Wi-Fi network and the connection is used to set up the Teewee with the help of the Wi-Fi. When you are done, you select what you require on the device and start streaming to Teewee. You can stream photos movies and also music from a phone to Teewee. Through apps on the phone, Teewee can also be used to stream videos from the web.

Get Active

This is a fitness-tracking company based in Bangalore, India. The company is in the business of making fitness tracking devices that they call get active’ concerning their name. The company is now making devices that can now be worn and track physical activities, time spent on weight and also some calories burnt during an exercise. The users of this devices can later be able to upload their physical activity online and this information used on an online dashboard.


Pert is a method widely used for coordination and planning large scale projects. Pert is also a WiFi enable the device that allows people to control lights and also control electrical devices from their phones. Pert is a wireless system and works on WiFi technology. After its installation, it allows users to control load that has had been connected to the pert by using smart phones applications.

Fitness Tracker

Vishal Gondal GoQii. This is another fitness brand suitable to take to the gym. The fitness tracker is a band that measures the distance moved, and it also track the sleeping patterns. For the device to work, the users connect them to their phones through blue tooth so as to take the data. The users can also stay in touch with their coach through chats and video calls.

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10 Best Places To Buy Final Year Engineering Projects

Although its unethical to buy final year engineering projects but some times you don’t have a choice. Here’s a list of websites and shop that offer you hundreds of major projects. Some of these specialize in final year projects for information and technology others allow you to buy ECE major projects.

Shops to Buy Final Year Engineering Projects in Delhi:

  • KERobotics(Delhi)

These guys have been into this business for over 15 years now. They have a large variety of final year projects and school science projects.

Categories: Final year projects for ECE, CSE, IT and school students

Address:G-22 Jyoti Shikhar Building, Janakpuri district centre, Janakpuri, Delhi – 110058

Contact No: 9871599670

  •  Melody Hobby Center (Delhi)

These guys have been into this business for over 15 years now. They have a large variety of final year projects and school science projects.

Categories: Final year projects for ECE, CSE, IT and school students

Address: 7F/7A, DDA Building, District Centre, Janak Puri, New Delhi – 110058

Contact No: 9811111537

  •  Max Science Projects(Delhi)

These guys have been into this business for over 15 years now. They have a large variety of final year projects and school science projects.

Categories: Final year projects for ECE, CSE, IT and school students

Address: UG-27A jaina tower-2, Jaina Tower-2 satyam cinema road, Janakpuri District Centre

Contact No: 9873564995

  • Nevon Projects (Mumbai)

Categories: Final year projects for ECE, CSE, IT and school students

Address: Not Known

Website: www.Nevonprojects.com

Contact No: 9873564995

  • Final Year Projects (Mumbai)

Categories: Final year projects for ECE, CSE, IT and school students

Address: Andheri Mumbai

Website: www.finalyearprojects.com

Contact No: 87933 49911

Websites to Buy Final Year Engineering Projects Online

  • Ready Made Projects

The advanced search mechanism on this website allows easy searching of engineering projects. Students can filter results according to their branches as well as the technology they want to make project on.

Categories:Final year projects for CSE and IT

Website: www.readymadeproject.com

  • IGeek Technologies

This website allows online download of project synopsis

Categories:Final year projects for B.Tech ECE, EEE, CSE and IT

Website: www.makefinalyearproject.com/

  • Sooxma Technologies

This website allows online download of project synopsis

Categories:Final year projects for B.Tech ECE, EEE, and VLSI

Website: www.mycollegeproject.com/

Contact No – 9490 219339

  • Project Solutions

This website allows online download of project synopsis

Categories:Final year projects for B.Tech CSE and IT

Website: www.projectsolutions.co.in/

Contact No – 87933 49922

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