5 IoT Startups In India

CarlQCarIQ - IOT Statrups in India

This is a young Indian company that is growing very quickly and has quit many great dreams. Dreams in which every day commute will become easy and much more predictable in smarter cars. carlQ as accompany, makes smart cars even smarter. They connect the cars with sensors and chips, these sensors and chips are meant to help car owners become aware of their car conditions. Through CarlQ, car owners can remotely monitor and manage their vehicles by having a cars condition. The car owners can be alerted if there are any critical actions that require argent attentions and whether they should check on their driving. In brief, CarlQ is service providers that connect vehicles to the right service that it requires. With CarlQ, your vehicle can send you alerts, and also inform the owner of any potential problems. The car owners are helped in saving money on maintenance, insurance and also save money on repairs.

TeeweTeeWe- IoT startups in india

This is a device that is designed mainly for entertainment purposes. Its set up is pretty simple and easy to use. The dongle is first connected to the TVs’ HDMI port then follows instructions on the screen on how to set up the Teewee’ Wi-Fi. To accomplish this, the user first connects his device to the teewees Wi-Fi network and the connection is used to set up the Teewee with the help of the Wi-Fi. When you are done, you select what you require on the device and start streaming to Teewee. You can stream photos movies and also music from a phone to Teewee. Through apps on the phone, Teewee can also be used to stream videos from the web.

Get ActiveGet Active

This is a fitness-tracking company based in Bangalore, India. The company is in the business of making fitness tracking devices that they call get active’ concerning their name. The company is now making devices that can now be worn and track physical activities, time spent on weight and also some calories burnt during an exercise. The users of this devices can later be able to upload their physical activity online and this information used on an online dashboard.

PertPert - IoT startups in Delhi

Pert is a method widely used for coordination and planning large scale projects. Pert is also a WiFi enable the device that allows people to control lights and also control electrical devices from their phones. Pert is a wireless system and works on WiFi technology. After its installation, it allows users to control load that has had been connected to the pert by using smart phones applications.

Fitness Tracker1413039062487

Vishal Gondal GoQii. This is another fitness brand suitable to take to the gym. The fitness tracker is a band that measures the distance moved, and it also track the sleeping patterns. For the device to work, the users connect them to their phones through blue tooth so as to take the data. The users can also stay in touch with their coach through chats and video calls.

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